Amber Rose on Falling for Wiz, Miscarrying & More Kids (Video)

The beautiful Amber Rose sat down with VladTV where she detailed how she fell for Wiz Khalifa, even after she swore she'd never date another rapper.

Rose says she heard an interview with DJ Whoo Kid where Wiz was asked if he could be with any woman who would it be, and his one and only response was Amber Rose. She was flattered and hit the "Black & Yellow" rapper up on Twitter to mail him a pair of her custom sunglasses, and he suggested she wait until he arrived in Los Angeles to give the shades to him in person. Upon meeting she says they both almost immediately fell in love, and didn't take long to begin discussing marriage and kids.

When asked if son Sebastian was planned, Rose reveals that she actually had a miscarriage. While she was depressed over the loss and even briefly doubted if she could have kids, she believes that "God does everything for a reason" and that she'd have a child when the time was right. One month later, she was pregnant again with baby Bash.

When asked about having more kids, Rose says she "100%" wants a second child and will see how she feels as a mother of two before deciding if she wants any more children beyond that.