Uno Lavoz Speaks on Bonnie Godiva "No Woman Can Beat Me" (Video)

Uno Lavoz discussed his past KOTD battle vs Bonnie Godiva in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes. Uno detailed his mentality behind preparing for the battle and how he has a "ruthless" mentality when facing female competitors. Uno doesn't believe in taking it easy on a woman in a battle due to the fact that it is not a physical sport with an obvious imbalance in physical power. He stated clearly that he doesn't think that there is any woman who can beat him, and he doesn't think that any QOTR girl could beat him if he ever steps foot on that platform to battle.

Uno also clarified the wild domestic abuse allegations that Bonnie set against him during the third round from their battle, where she put on a judge's outfit and also brought out his ex-girlfriend onto the stage. From there, Bonnie questioned her on various domestic abuse claims, and painted a picture that Uno was a woman-beater. He stated in this interview that those claims were totally untrue, and he went on to speak about the power of words within Battle Rap that allows people to create images that transcend past the lyrical ring to effect their personal image.