Amber Rose: I Caused Car Accidents When I Cut My Hair (Video)

Amber Rose recalled her origins as a video vixen in this clip from her exclusive interview with VladTV. While Amber really got discovered by a wider audience after her appearance in Ludacris' "I Know What Them Girls Like" single featuring Chris Brown, her first music video feature was actually in Young Jeezy's "Put On." Amber explained the story of how she was discovered and recruited for the music video, and how she wore a wig in her first video as well as the second one by Young Jeezy for his "Vacation" single. Following that, she debuted her shaved head in Ludacris and Chris Brown's music video.

Amber reflected on how she cut her hair at 19 years old, but how she really wanted to do it long before that. When she first cut it, she wasn't too thrilled with the result because of the fact that her hair is naturally very dark, but once she dyed it blond she said that she began "causing car accidents" over her new sexy look.