Cassidy: I Don't Want to See Drake or Jay-Z Battle (Video)

Cassidy shared his thoughts on the possibility of other high profile industry artists battling, in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
Cassidy began by addressing Lil Wayne's admission that he doesn't know how to Battle Rap. Cassidy respected Wayne's honesty, and stated that not everybody has be be a battler. When asked about his interests in seeing big mainstream artists battle - such as Drake, Jay Z, and others - Cas denied having any anticipation of seeing those types of battles happen at all. He believes that their minds are in such a different place musically, that if they battled it wouldn't transition well to the combative lyrical format.
He concluded by assuring his fans that he will be coming to put Dizaster in a bodybag when they battle on December 6th, and that he doesn't want to hear anyone make excuses for Dizaster's loss after the battle is done.
Would you like to see big name artists such as Drake, Jay Z, and others step into the lyrical ring?