Cassidy Laughs at Thought of Dizaster Punching Him (Video)

Cassidy spoke confidently about his ability to defeat Dizaster in their upcoming battle during this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
It's taken a long time to get him in the ring, but after being offered $250k to battle, Cassidy has finally decided to step into the ring. However, he's going up against one of the true veterans of the sport in Dizaster, who previously dismantled the likes of Canibus in an epic clash on KOTD.
When asked about the "underdog" label that has been pinned on him by the Battle Rap fans, Cassidy dismissed the perception of himself and stated that if people really assess this match, Dizaster is the true underdog. Cassidy spoke about how Dizaster has been beaten in the past and that he's never lost, so he doesn't understand how people can view him as the contender in this match. He went so far as to state "I'm untouchable," so he'll certainly have a lot to prove when it comes time to step in the lyrical ring.
Being that Dizaster's last match was a violent one against Math Hoffa, Cassidy was asked if he feels at all concerned about Dizaster attempting to punch him during their battle. Just the thought of Dizaster hooking off on him mid-verse was comical to Cassidy and he burst out into laughter as a result. After composing himself, he assured fans that their battle will be strictly lyrical "for the culture," but at the same time he is ready for whatever occurs once the battle begins.