Jahlil Beats & Mina SayWhat Talks Producing Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” and New Label (Video)

You can officially add another title to Jahlil Beats name – Roc Nation Producer / Label Boss. Jahlil Beats, who is best known for producing Meek Mill’s “Amen,” “Imma Boss” and many others, not only produced the “biggest record out right now in hip-hop,” but he’s also started his own label. In this interview with Mina SayWhat on Power 99, Jahlil talks about how Bobby Shmurda got a hold of the beat Jahlil produced for Lloyd Banks and that snowballed into becoming an internet dancing phenomenon called the #ShmoneyDance. Jahlil also introduces the first group, called CRMC, signed to his label, “Legend Dynasty” from his hometown of Chester, PA.