Arsonal Addresses Joe Budden Ruling Against Him vs. Daylyt (Video)

Arsonal chopped it up with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his past battle vs. Daylyt on Total Slaughter.
The judgement for the battle was highly controversial, considering the fact that 3 out of the 4 Slaughterhouse judges all voted the battle as a "draw," except for Joe Budden. In boxing or MMA, this would usually mean that the fight is ruled a "Majority Draw" but in Battle Rap, many thought that it should grant them an overtime round to properly determine the victor. Instead, the judges allowed Joe Budden's rule in favor of Daylyt to hold strong and earn him the victory.
Arsonal doesn't believe that anyone truly thinks that he lost that battle, and that it all worked out for him at the end of the day because he was allowed to battle Big T on the main stage for the finale Total Slaughter battle event.
He also addressed Big T previously stating that he rapped better than Arsonal, despite losing the battle. Arsonal explained that he beat Big T clearly twice in 2014, and that there is no debating that.
He concluded by addressing how editing has affected battles lately, where people's bad performances and chokes have been excluded from the official footage.