Arsonal on Dizaster vs. Math: Karma Came Back & F**ked Him (Video)

Arsonal chopped it up with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the past brawl that occurred between Math Hoffa and Dizaster on KOTD's BOLA 5 battle event, and also his experience being featured on Total Slaughter.
Arsonal is cool with both Math and Dizaster, but was as honest as he could possibly be when addressing the fight that occurred between them and members of Dizaster's crew. Plain and simple, Arsonal believes that Math Hoffa has been guilty of beating up two men prior to this during battles, and this time, "karma is a b*tch, and she came back and f*cked him." He thinks that you "get what you dish out," and it was only a matter of time before somebody swung on Hoffa. At the same time, Arsonal acknowledged that what Dizaster did wasn't right and wasn't necessary, but since it happened Hoffa should put it behind him and "keep it rap" during his future battles.
Ars went on to talk about his memorable experience being a part of Shady Records' "Total Slaughter" reality TV series. Arsonal was very grateful for being featured on the show; however, he wasn't too fond of the production choices to leave out classic moments that occurred at the house, and hopes that if a Season 2 does get put into motion, the show will feature more of the footage that occurs in the house instead of just the battles.