Freeway Has Hilarious Reaction to Daylyt's "Diddy" Video

Freeway and The Jacka sat down with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes for an exclusive interview, discussing various Battle Rap topics in this clip from their exclusive interview with VladTV.
Freeway is going to be a part of hosting the upcoming Smack/URL "Duel In The Desert" card, which is taking place tomorrow, October 4th, in Phoenix, Arizona. He spoke briefly on the talented card, and Jacka chimed in by sharing his thoughts on the types of matchups that don't always make sense.
Freeway was then shown the now infamous "I'll f*ck the sh*t out of Diddy" Daylyt clip, and his reaction was priceless. Even though Daylyt's antics are extreme, Jacka finds them funny and thinks that they are just a part of who his character is as Daylyt.
Daylyt's most recent troll was aimed at Lil Wayne, as Daylyt went on a wild rant accusing Weezy of participating in all types of homosexual activity.