Real Deal: Daylyt May Act Gay to Troll Homophobia in Hip-Hop (Video)

VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes caught up with Real Deal and got him to reflect on his bizarre battle against Daylyt at the recent Duel In The Desert card.
Real Deal explained how strict and uptight the security and venue management was for the event, and recalled them flipping out when fellow battler Rone got a plastic cup full of beer knocked out of his hand while on stage. He explained that they were already in a bad mood and frowned upon hosting a Hip Hop event, so when he and Daylyt stepped on stage to battle next, the tension from the venue staff was already high.
According to Real Deal, Daylyt was actually attempting to drop feces on stage, but caught a cramp in his leg while trying to release his load, which is when he got grabbed up by security. He wasn't too upset that he didn't get to spit his round, because he was already mentally taken out of the battle by all of the headless and feces antics displayed by Daylyt. Real Deal didn't personally hear the owner of the venue call Daylyt a "ni**er"; however, he explained that he wouldn't be surprised if that really happened given how the staff was acting during the event.
Real Deal concluded by expressing his thoughts on why Daylyt has been trolling the public with displays of having homosexual interests.