Real Deal on Dot Mobb: They've Definitely Put in Work for Me (Video)

Real Deal chopped it up with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about a variety of Battle Rap topics in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
Real Deal began by touching on the topic of Norbes' PG roster cuts and how battling strictly on one platform can be both a positive, and a negative to someone's career. He eventually transitioned to address his ties with the predominantly Harlem-based Battle Rap crew, Dot Mobb. Even though some people may not understand why Real Deal is down with this particular group, he explained how they have worked together in the past to help boost each other's notoriety and career opportunities. Even though he may not hang out with the other members often, Real Deal acknowledged that they have "definitely put some work in for me behind the scenes, which I more than appreciate."
He concluded by addressing the topic of certain battlers overusing their slogans so that they eventually lose their effectiveness during battles.