Shotgun Suge & GT Jack: White America Is the Biggest Problem (Video)

Shotgun Suge and his manager, GT Jack, sat down with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to speak on the police brutality that has been plaguing our nation.
Jack went in on the subject and spoke passionately about the issues at hand, and called out White America for being the "biggest problem" in the United States. He believes that White Americans don't speak up against their own and call out those who do injustices to people of ethnic backgrounds, and their unwillingness to speak out against various issues revolving around inequality has allowed the police to feel comfortable with continuing to abuse Black people. GT Jack thinks that there needs to be a group of people set in place to "police the police," and that White America wrongly conditions Blacks to feel as though it is normal to live in poverty-stricken conditions.
How do you feel about GT Jack's views on the issues that he believes are caused by White America?