Shotgun Suge & GT Jack: Nobody Makes Money Caring for Mike Brown (Video)

Shotgun Suge's manager GT Jack continued to address some of the major race issues plaguing American society today, in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.
Jack touched on Ferguson specifically, and the general public's response to Mike Brown's death. He thinks that people will only care for this issue as long as the media puts information about it in front of them. Jack stated that people easily lose interest in fighting for change these days, as opposed to decades prior, once the particular subject stops being mentioned on various media platforms.
The fact that nobody's monetary status is directly affected by these types of social injustice situations is also one major reason that people lose interest, according to Jack. He believes that since people aren't making money by caring for Mike Brown, in this day and age their interest in his death will dwindle faster as opposed to if the same thing happened to the likes of Jay-Z.