Uno Lavoz Calls Out Cortez to Battle on Smack/URL (Video)

VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, caught up with Uno Lavoz following his battle vs. Young X on Smack/URL's "The Warm Up" event, the day before the highly anticipated Summer Madness 4.
Uno put on what was most likely the best performance of his entire career vs. Young X in this clash, and spoke highly of his dreams of being featured on one of the Smack/URL Summer Madness cards in the near future. Uno addressed his creativity in the battle, as well as his brief choke, and how he was able to recover from it and finish strong due to his lengthy experience in the sport of Battle Rap. Despite being in the current PG roster, Uno doesn't view himself as a PG rapper and thinks that his years of experience battling in front of large crowds all over the world will set him apart from the rest of the rising talents on the Smack/URL brand.
Hughes also caught up with Young X after the battle and got him to share his own recap of his performance. One thing that was clear is that Young X didn't get nearly as much crowd reaction during the battle, and he believes that his accent made it difficult for fans to understand what he was saying in the building. X believes that once the footage drops, the fans will judge the battle more in his favor than they were live in the building. He also spoke on the rise of Battle Rappers coming from the South, and how he will continue to work as hard as possible to put on great performances in the future.