Arsonal Names Cortez, Tay Roc, & Ill Will in His Bottom 5 (Video)

Arsonal shared his personal Top 5 and Bottom 5 picks in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.
Arsonal gave praise to the likes of O-Red, O'fficial, Calicoe, T-Rex, and Hitman Holla as his personal favorites, and named heavy-hitters Tay Roc, Cortez, and Ill Will among his Bottom 5. After providing his list selections, Arsonal addressed some of the epic levels of "reaching" that have been occurring in Battle Rap, and how no battler has put in as much work for the sport as he has.
Ars praised himself for bringing his A-game to every battle he participates in, regardless of what league it takes place on, and called out Aye Verb for slacking in his battles. It is because of Verb's showing of disinterest when battling on leagues outside of Smack/URL that Arsonal strongly believes he will never be booked to battle on the UDUBB Network.