Freeway: I'm the OG of the Beard Gang in Hip-Hop (Video)

Freeway and The Jacka sat down with VladTV where they shared their thoughts on battle rappers admitting when they take a loss, who has the best beard in Hip-Hop, and Freeway's new beard cream that the fellas are going to need this winter.
The Jacka feels that if a rap battle is close, no one will admit they lost. He also shares that battle rapper and MTV personality Conceited told him that its possible to win a battle off of only taking one round. As an example, he cites T-Rex vs. Math Hoffa's first battle, where Rex takes the first two rounds, and Math takes the third, as an example, as most people give Math the battle based on his powerful third.
The two bearded MCs also discussed the best beards in Hip-Hop, with Freeway saying he's the original beard of the culture who is now selling his own product, Best Beard Cream, for those that want to keep their beards healthy.