Karen Civil Interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 (Video)

Karen Civil made her way to The Breakfast Club this morning where she provided a bit of insight to those who may be confused in understanding just what it is she does. “I have my website. I have my digital marketing agency, that’s for artists who don’t necessarily like to be on the Internet but need a presence,” she explained. “Just architecting this culture together, making things move and just doing what I love.”
Getting her feel for the industry first as an intern, Karen revealed that she initially applied for an internship with Angie Martinez before securing a spot with Funkmaster Flex. “I didn’t make it because she thought I was like too quiet, they picked somebody else. So I didn’t get the position with her but Flex’s team called me like two weeks later but I feel like it started with Ang.”

Find out how Karen managed to secure so many industry connections, her experience in breaking ground for her new Live Civil playground in Haiti and more in the interview above.