Shotgun Suge Details Defusing Past Issues With Trick Trick (Video)

Shotgun Suge spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist about his past issues with Trick Trick in this clip.
Trick Trick and other Detroit natives once approached Arsonal in a hostile manner during his Smack/URL battle vs. Calicoe in his hometown, due to Arsonal's ties with Shotgun. Suge previously made an offensive comment about slain D-12 rapper Proof, which set off a lot of Detroit residents to hold a grudge against the Newark, NJ, battler. Shotgun has since apologized for the comment, and detailed to Hughes how he and Trick Trick came to put that situation to rest and peace it up.
Shotgun also addressed Norbes' cuts to the Smack/URL PG roster, and whether or not a Battle Rapper should be allowed to battle freely on different leagues.