Cassidy: "I Just 3-0'd Dizaster, Killed Him Like I Said I Would" (Video)

VladTV caught up with Cassidy following the rescheduled match between him vs. Dizaster for an exclusive interview.

While fans weren't happy with the way things played out when Cassidy and Diz first stepped on stage at FilmOn TV's "Ether" event, the rescheduled battle that took place the following day was a big success. Dizaster acknowledged that Cassidy's performance was cleaner, during his post-battle interview with VladTV, and now Cassidy is claiming that he 3-0'd the veteran battler.

He also reflected on his business decision to wait until he was offered $250k to battle, and how he'll most likely battle again in the near future since there is more "chicken" being offered to those who compete in the sport. Cassidy doesn't have any intended targets on his lyrical hitlist, but is ready to battle anyone as long as the money is right.