Gone Wallace - Monk's Too (EP)

Philadelphia artist, Gone Wallace has an old school style mixed with a future sound. His distinguished sound has earned him comparisons to the styles of Childish Gambino, Curren$y, and Domo Genesis. With his use of soulful samples and fan boy rhetoric, Gone discusses current world issues and future dreams.
Gone is also a proficient graphic designer that designs all of his artwork all while serving as the creative director of his ‘CULTure’ Merchandise online boutique. An avid cinephile, Gone is frequently watching and analyzing different films while drawing a lot of inspiration from cinema in general.

Here's 'Monk's Too'. 'Too' is different from the first in the sense that I took my time more with this one . So each song contributes to the cohesiveness of the entire project. Its less of an extended play, but more like a musical arrangement or composition where each song leads to the next in both content and sound.