Shotgun Suge: I Would Tap Cassidy's Pockets if He Battled Me

Shotgun Suge provided his personal recap of the FilmOn TV "Ether" event and the headlining battle between Cassidy vs. Dizaster in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.

Suge thought that the overall event didn't reach the amount of hype built up behind it for so long. He thinks that some of the rappers on the card performed so horribly that it may indicate that they only participated in the battle to collect the paycheck. He wasn't impressed with the one round battle between Cass and Diz that took place on the main stage, but he was impressed with Cassidy during the rescheduled match. 

Suge thinks that Cassidy did better than any industry artist who has stepped into the ring thus far, and that he performed so well because he remained true to who he is and what made his raps hot years ago. Dizaster was too repetitive according to Suge, which was one of the reasons why Cassidy stood out so much more. If Cassidy did or does face Suge, he stated confidently that he'd tap his pockets like he's done to numerous other battlers in the past.