Beanie Sigel Speaks On Comeback: 'You Can't Kill Me' (Video)

Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel have had a rough couple of months between Meek serving time for a parole violation and Beans catching a stray bullet through his abdomen. So it was only right that they received a hero superhero’s welcome at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night (March 21). 

Meanwhile, Young Chris summed up the moment quite perfectly, saying, “This was legendary."

Beans was released from a hospital earlier this year, after spending a month in a New Jersey hospital for a gun shot wound sustained outside his Jersey Shore home in December. His surprise appearance during Meek's homecoming concert on Saturday marked Beans's first public appearance on a grand stage in more than three years.

"They can't kill me," Beans later exclaimed, before adding, "You know what The Joker told Batman in Gotham City right? Wait until you get a load of me."