Lady Luck Talks Unsuccessful Deal at Def Jam and Future Projects (Video)

Lady Luck had an exclusive sit down with VladTV and was asked by Star about her botched deal at Def Jam at the age of 17, as well as the upcoming projects she is working on.

The clip starts off with Star asking Luck if she is still on top of her game. Her response is that she is still "that bitch" and only took time off from hip hop to write songs in different genres due to the decline in the quality of the rap game.

The former Fight Klub competitor was then asked to speak on the previous deal she signed with Def Jam when she was only a teenager. With the intent of stirring up some controversy, Star asked Lady Luck if she feels that her deal was unsuccessful due to Nikki D hating on her around the time she was first signed. She responded that Nikki was instrumental in helping her ink the deal with Def Jam and even though they haven't spoken in a while, they continue to communicate on social media.

While still on the topic of her not having success on the label started by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, the Jersey femcee states that her having a strong buzz but nobody helping her out business wise was one of the causes of the deal going sour.
She was then questioned about the rumor of her and Ed Lover being intimate. She denied the allegations while poking fun at the age difference between the two.

When asked about her efforts in still pursuing a rap career after her chance came and went, Lady Luck stated that her reason for making a return to the game was due to her still getting calls to battle after turning down numerous requests and challenges. She also credits her feeling of being robbed of a victory in her battle with Remy as another reason for her coming back.

The Hater then again asked the returning battler if she felt any animosity towards her in the Def Jam offices during her short stint at the label. She ultimately stated that while signed she was never in the ideal situation, and there was no direction for her career. She also expressed that there was no cooperation from her make-up artist and publicist before saying the label as a whole was unsupportive.

When asked about her current projects, Luck mentioned directing videos for fellow Jersey Native, Ransom. When going into more detail about what she was working on, she included producing mini-movies, TV shows, writing lots of music and last but not least, battling.