Lady Luck on Return to QOTR & Wanting to Battle Ms. Hustle (Video)

Lady Luck had an exclusive sitdown with Star for VladTV where she spoke on the topics of her supposed upcoming battle with Chayna Ashley, other female emcees she wants to step in the ring with, and her beef with Sara Kana.

The clip starts off with the Jersey emcee being asked about the rumor of her battling Chayna Ashley at a Queen of The Ring event in July. Lady Luck informs Star that QOTR was the platform she chose to battle on due to the fact that she was being provided the type of compensation she feels she is entitled to since she is the first female battler who opened the lane for other femcees to have an opportunity to step in the ring. When told by the biggest hater that no one is interested in her upcoming match against Dot Mobb's first lady, her reply was that her participation in the contest is simply for a paycheck.

She was then asked if choosing to go up against Chayna was the proper choice as her comeback battle, to which she replied that she played no part in arranging her opponent. Luck also stated that there are many other female emcees she would've chosen to battle, mainly Harlem's own Ms. Hustle.

Star then made the suggestion that she battle Fara Funeral, and stirred things up by stating that he thinks Fara would be victorious. The former Def Jam recording artist's reply was that she would accept the challenge, and she made it clear that she wants to run through all of the female top-tier battlers as well as male emcees.

Lady Luck was then questioned about her previous statement about her heart no longer being in battling and what caused her mind to change. Her response was that she finally decided to accept a battle due to the high volume of phone calls from those requesting to see her compete again. She also pointed out that being heckled by her haters also played a part in her returning from her hiatus.

When asked about the conflict she has had with Sara Kana in the past, the rapper/songwriter stated that the beef commenced when the former Grind Time host disrespected her in her first video. She also described Sara as being scared when the two actually met in person. The clip closes out with Lady Luck saying she's ready to retaliate against anyone who mentions her name.