Miz MAF - Elevators (Official Video)

The Philadelphia MC is on the rise, as he unveils the music video to "Elevators," the latest single off his album 'Behold A Pale Horse,' and, evidently, the first clip in an elaborate story.

Miz MAF's stock keeps going up. After dropping three successful videos for his previous singles, "That White" featuring Freeway, "Act Right," and the most recent one, "1st Infantry," the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based rhyme animal re-emerges with a visual for his latest banger, "Elevators."

In the video, the bearded rapper is seen entering an abandoned building, stepping into an elevator, and spitting his guerrilla verses. Once the elevator doors open, he ascends up the stairway and to the roof, but that's where the clip ends, as a 'To Be Continued' teaser pops up.

Clearly, there is more to this story, but Miz MAF doesn't plan on spilling the whole can of beans. "I got to leave you in suspense with this one," he says with a chuckle, before sneakily adding, "I'm going to the roof to handle some business like Q in Juice, [and that's] all I'm going to say right now. Just wait for it."

"Elevators," which was produced by South Philadelphia beatsmith Level 13, is a chorus absent record and features Miz MAF getting extra lyrical with fierce rhymes about keeping it real in a world full of fakes, being authentic in everything he does, and building up even more credibility in the process.

Only seconds after listening to the beat, the concept for the song had already clicked in Miz MAF's head. "When I heard it, everything just started coming from the first line, 'As I sink into the paper, my mind's going up like elevators.' I said, 'You know what? I'm gon' give them me in the rawest form," the Philly MC recalls. "It comes from being fed up with hearing people who aren't really living it, or haven't really lived it, spit about it. Now I'm here to show y'all the real McCoy."

But also, in many ways, "Elevators" serves as a tribute to both his favorite MC and the genre he passionately loves.  "I took a trick from 2Pac, naming the song with a word from my first line," Miz MAF admits. "It worked perfect for this track, and that's how I paid homage to my favorite rapper and the hip-hop culture as a whole with this one."

"Elevators" appears on Miz MAF's album "Behold A Pale Horse," which is out now. Click on the cover art to stream the album for free and/or to buy it on Arena.
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