Serius Jones: I Should Be More Respected After DNA Battle (Video)

Battling legend Serius Jones chopped it up with Jack Thriller at NOME 5 where they discussed their new movie, Mayweather vs. Pacquaio and the past beef between Young Thug and The Game.

The clip starts off with Serius talking about the movie he is acting in which is titled "The Club," that also features Jack Thriller.

The next topic of discussion was Jones' battle with DNA. The battling icon stated that he will be even more respected after the match up takes place. He also stated that he hopes his performance will quiet the haters trying to downplay his legacy and solidify his spot as a battle rap great.

The two future co-stars then began to discuss the recent boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in which Jones stated that the native of The Philippines was simply outclassed by a better fighter.

Serius Jones was then asked for his outlook on the short-lived beef between Young Thug and The Game. The New Jersey native admitted that he is not fully up to date with the current events of the highly publicized feud and prefers for emcees who engage in beef to settle their differences creatively rather than going back and forth on social media.

The clip finishes with Serius Jones discussing the brief misunderstanding he has had with Vlad in the past.