Cassidy and Fred Money Discuss Rachel Dolezal's Identity Crisis (Video)

Heavy-spitter Cassidy sat down with fellow emcee Fred Money on the Vlad couch to share their thoughts on Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner and the search for self-identity. "I feel as though how you were raised, the people you grew up with and what you've been around will determine how you act," Cassidy shares.

When it comes to Rachel Dolezal resigning because of the scrutiny she's undergone in recent weeks, Fred Money feels it's simply unfair. He believes it's wrong that she resigned because of it since, ultimately, it had nothing to do with where she was employed. The one thing both him and Cassidy agree on is that Rachel was wrong for blatantly lying about her race, which leads to a conversation between them and Vlad about the factors that may lead up to people wanting to change their identity, whether it be to another race or the opposite sex.

Watch on to hear their stances on Caitlyn Jenner's transition and find out what Cassidy would do if his 11-year-old son ever told him that he wanted to become a woman in this exclusive clip.