Cassidy Recites His Very First Rap From the 4th Grade (Video)

In this exclusive interview with VladTV, Philly's own Cassidy reveals what really got him into rap music and how a song about the prevention of fires kicked off his music career.

Always a lover of music, the "I Get In" rapper says he didn't get serious about his rapping skills until he was in the fourth grade. After using his Sega Genesis video games for beats to recite written rhymes to, he was convinced he needed more practice to own the title of a rapper.

The rapper says he was in an after-school program when the students were asked about their dream professions. After telling his teacher he wanted to be a rapper, he was challenged to come up with a rhyme about fire prevention. In what could have been a challenging effort, the rapper says he arrived at the center the next day with the many counselors and teachers who were savvy in fire prevention.

The rhyme was a success with the crowd. By pulling off the stunt, Cassidy says it made him aware of what he wanted to do with his future.