Tsu Surf: I'm the Biggest Reacher in Battle Rap (Video)

In this clip from his exclusive sit down with VladTV, Tsu Surf let it be known to fans as well as battlers alike that he is indeed the biggest "reacher" in battle rap.

After stating that he is the king of reaching, Surf goes on to explain that there are two types of reachers in battling, those who just sound idiotic and those with unorthodox intent, who set up their bars to come off a certain way.

Tsu Surf was then asked if he believes former '106 & Park' freestyle champion, Posta Boy would have a successful return if he ever stepped back into the ring. The Rollin' 60's gang member responded by breaking down the reasons why battlers from previous eras have not been able to achieve the same type of success in today's battle world.

Surf believes battle rap is at an all time high in terms of creativity and complex writing, which makes it very difficult for industry artists, as well as, emcees who participated in battles back in the day to adapt.