Cassidy Admits Eminem Can Spit, But Isn't the King of Hip-Hop (Video)

In one of our most popular exclusives, personality Star claimed Eminem is the King of Hip-Hop, to which Cassidy affiliate Fred Money snorted at. "He said he the King of Hip-Hop?" Cassidy asks. "Hmmm," he continues as he makes a distasteful face. Though many may not relate to Em's lyrics, Cassidy feels the same goes for people who don't necessarily understand the trap concept but vibe to it regardless. ""He ain't a fluke, like he really can spit. He really get busy," the Philly spitter acknowledges.

In the end, though? "Nah I wouldn't say that 'cause I'm in hip-hop, know what I'm sayin'?" Cassidy ever so confidently states. "I always been holdin' weight." Hear more of about his imprint on the game above.