Cassidy Reflects on Dizaster Battle and Says He's Ready For More (Video)

Cassidy is regarded by many as the only former battler who has had a successful return to the ring after more than a decade without competing. He is also believed to be the only mainstream industry artist to take home a W while facing off against today's top tier competition. In this exclusive interview with VladTV, the "Drink and my two step" rapper took a moment to reflect on his battle with Dizaster.

When asked what were his feelings about the highly anticipated match up, Cass described the event as a part of "history." He then went on to state that he was elated to step back into the battlefield and prove himself in the new era so fans and emcees alike can no longer question his legacy nor his requirements for another battle.

The topic of the showdown between Cassidy and Diz has been the subject of conversation in the battle culture ever since it dropped a few months back. When Cass was asked about his opponent's outlook on their battle, the Philly native stated that it is truly the fan's opinion that matters most when deciding on who was victorious. He then went on to compare battling to an addiction and stated he cannot wait to take on another opponent.

The clip closes out with The Hustla stating that even though he will step back in the ring soon, he is waiting for the perfect opponent and at the moment nobody really has his interest.