Freeway on Police Brutality: Rappers Need to Be More Responsible (Video)

Back in May Jay-Z brought Freeway, Young Gunz, Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel on stage during his Tidal X/B-Sides concert, one that was a surprise to many since Jay and Sigel weren't on the best terms. Freeway says the reunion was "one of the best times of my life, you know, just to be back on stage rocking with my brothers," and "hopefully we can do some more stuff in the future."

In this interview the legendary Philly artist spoke on police brutality, an issue that has been made more aware due to social media and technology as a whole. Freeway believes police being recorded "might slow them down," but at the end of day it's up to hip-hop artists to take some accountability and bring awareness to the situation. "As role models and as people in the forefront we definitely need to step up and be more responsible and look at what we're doing," he concluded.

Watch the clip to hear his thoughts on Chet Haze using the n-word, how hip-hop chooses to respect "people who go hard," and hear him spit a freestyle as we await "Free Will," his fifth solo album due out in a couple of months.