Tsu Surf: Hollow Da Don's Way Harder to Beat Than Charlie Clips (Video)

Battle rapper Tsu Surf recently chopped it up with VladTV and shared his thoughts on his battle against Tay Roc at N.O.M.E. 5, which the Newark emcee felt he won. He added, "I honestly expected [Tay Roc] to be a little more crazy because of how much he wanted to battle, but I don't think he had a bad battle at all." 

The conversation then switched to Hollow Da Don's battle against Charlie Clips, which Tsu felt that Hollow won. He then explained that between the two emcees, Hollow Da Don is the tougher opponent. 

"It's way harder to beat Hollow Da Don than it is to beat Charlie Clips. Because realistically, all you have to do is keep up with Charlie Clips' level of bars." 

Check out more of what Tsu Surf had to say in the above clip.