Tsu Surf Weighs in on Danny Myers Allegedly Losing $12K to T-Rex (Video)

Tsu Surf had an exclusive sit down with VladTV where he discussed T-Rex allegedly taking $12,000 from Danny Myers and not showing up to their scheduled battle.

While discussing the occurrence between the two future opponents, Surf was visibly amused. The Jersey native describe Rex's actions as a "lick", and goes on to say the current state of battle rap is "where it needs to be;" when an emcee is provided an opportunity to take advantage of another.

When asked what would his reaction be if he was in Danny Myers' position, The "Keep Praying" rapper responded by stating that that type of mishap would not happen to him due to his status in the battle rap game. He also stated that he would not take advantage of an up and coming emcee by accepting compensation for a battle and then not performing, nor would he accept $12,000 for a battle.

Watch the full clip above.