Tsu Surf: You Can't Believe Anything Daylyt Says (Video)

Tsu Surf came through for an exclusive sit down with VladTV where he discussed Daylyt's claims of being on the OVO roster and the possibility of battle rap one day dying out among other topics.

Surf was first asked if he believes Day is telling the truth about signing to Drake's label. His response was one would have to know the Compton emcee personally to understand his ulterior motives of his antics and gimmicks.

When asked if battle rap can one day die out, Surf responded by saying it's a reality, due to the demand of more money from the battlers and the culture becoming more commercialized as time goes on. The battling veteran was then asked if the URL should have a championship belt, in which he responded by saying he believes that there should be no title in the league, and emcees should focus on their music careers rather than chasing an "invisible belt."

Watch on to hear more from Surf above.