Ar-Ab: I Already Knew These Motherf****** Don't Write Their S*** (Video)

When asked about ghostwriting, Philly emcee Ar-Ab says it's nothing new. He then mentions Diddy's famous line, "don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks," and says he even doubts "Kanye write all his own s***." At this point, Ar-Ab feels the last thing rappers should be worried about is what other artists are doing, as they should focus more on perfecting their craft. "It's like boxing - you want to be the best at it," he explains.

Ar-Ab continues on to say most choruses on Hip-Hop/R&B collabs usually aren't written by the rappers themselves. He states it's okay because a chorus is just a topic, whereas a verse is an emcee's own personal perspective. Hear more on his thoughts on the topic taking over the rap world above.