Ar-Ab & Dark Lo Recall Being Torn Over Beanie Sigel vs. Jadakiss Beef (Video)

Ar-Ab previously told VladTV that Beanie Sigel is his favorite rapper, but the Philly rapper said it wasn't until he was in his adult years that he started appreciating "The Truth" emcee. OBH rapper Dark Lo shared his appreciation for Beanie as well, explaining how the former Roc-A-Fella emcee's beef with Jadakiss was the "worst time of my life."

Both Ar-Ab and Dark Lo said they are big fans of both rappers and were torn on who to stand behind in the beef, especially when Jadakiss dropped a diss track against Beanie at Powerhouse in Philly. Dark Lo was quick to point out that "Beans came right back up on the stage," which both East Coast emcees agreed was a great beef. 

Check out more of what Dark Lo and Ar-Ab had to say in the above clip.