Ar-Ab & Dark Lo on Muslim Beliefs Conflicting With Street Beefs (Video)

Ar-Ab and Dark Lo got candid about their Muslim beliefs during an exclusive interview with VladTV. The Philly emcees explained that while they try to promote peace, both admit that street beefs with fellow Muslims do happen. 

After speaking about how it's a "major sin" to harm a fellow Muslim, Ar-Ab added, "[Philly's] so populated with Muslims that it's not like that in Philly. It's supposed to be like that, because the average guy in there's going to be Muslim anyway. So, you could be from this set, and he'll be from that set and y'all can be beefing, and it will be like, 'Who cares if both of y'all are Muslim?'" 

As the conversation continued, Ar-Ab and Dark Lo shared their thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo incident, which resulted in some of the staff at the French newspaper being killed by two Islamist gunman over their depiction of the prophet Muhammad. Both artists agreed that it's very offensive for Muhammad to be drawn, which you can hear more about in the above clip.