Ar-Ab & Dark Lo: People Live Off of Hope in Prison (Video)

Life itself is already hard enough, but imagine having to spend some of that time in prison. Philly rappers Dark Lo and Ar-Ab have both spent several years behind bars, and contrary to those who act like it's not a big deal, even these two can admit prison isn't a place you want to end up.

Aside from having to strip, lift and be searched by officials, Ar-Ab says another hard part of being in the system is talking to the inmates who are serving life sentences. "Jail is horrible, man. Especially when you go to state prison. You see young guys that's like 19, 21 that got life in prison. And everybody got hope thinking they're coming home, though," he says. "You talk to lifers, man, they be like 'When I get home I'm [gonna] do this and do that...All you have is hope in there. You can live off hope for years."

Watch as they talk about homosexuality in prison and more up top.